Innovista What Difference does it make

What Difference Does It Make?

Young leaders are full of zeal, passion, energy and creativity. But too often they are thrust into positions of leadership with little or no training, and end up burnt out and discouraged. We're strategically training young leaders, not just for what they're involved with now, but for a lifetime of service. They are the most likely the be innovative, the keenest to learn, and have the most potential for maximum impact.

Our ultimate aim is not to develop great leaders. Our ultimate aim is to develop great leaders who will bring the hope of Jesus effectively to those in their local context and that we will see more people discovering that life is best with God.

Enabled by generous supporters, Innovista trained 863 young leaders from Europe, Russia and Central Asia in 2012 to lead mission. 863 young leaders better equipped to take the hope of Jesus to those around them, sharing Jesus effectively in ways that are contextually relevant. By 2015, we aim to be training 2,000 young leaders a year to lead better mission, so that more people across Europe, Russia and Central Asia will become followers of Jesus.

Read below the difference that our supporters are making in the lives of young leaders, and in the lives of those they are reaching with the gospel.

"Innovista helped me as a leader to get out of concrete boots and start running. I have been able to enter new areas of responsibility with confidence, equipped with tools to handle the responsibility handed to me." -Eileen, Norway

"Now I have more confidence because I have been through this training and have seen the results. I have seen my friends coming to Jesus. To be with Sergejs when he became a Christian was better than everything because I know he will be with me in eternity." -Young Leader, Ukraine

"They have always been there for my kids and I. They have helped us out of a deep dark hole." -A single Mum who is experiencing the love of God on her housing estate through Innovista's Thrive Team, UK

"My Innovista coach challenges me to be a courageous leader. I feel more confident when leading and motivating my team because I have gained more clarity about my leadership style and about how God wants me to use it. The tools and resources I receive are helping me to develop leadership skills step by step." -Milena, Austria

"One of the critical needs in Europe is leadership by example – Christians who are committed to courageous and innovative evangelism, who can also train and inspire others. I have watched with thankfulness to God as Innovista has multiplied its areas of ministry in country after country across the continent. This has been no hit-and-run enterprise, no superficial blanket evangelism, but a ministry committed to train and encourage indigenous movements for effective evangelism amongst the new generation of Europeans." -Jonathan Lamb, Director, Langham Preaching, Langham Partnership International

"We held a camp in the forest for 200 young people. We put them all through Glad You Asked [Innovista's DVD resource for seekers] and fifty came to faith - nearly all from Muslim backgrounds." -'A', a young leader, Central Asia

"Your high quality materials are just what we need to engage with young people." -Eugeniy Bakhmutskiy, Head of the Youth Department of the Russian Baptist Union

"I’d seen on TV and heard how terrible you Christians were, but after being here and experiencing this, I realise you are different. No-one loves me and my child like you Christians." -Mother of a disabled child at a camp run by Innovista trained leaders, Central Asian Republic

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