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Across Europe, Russia and Central Asia, a generation of leaders are dedicating their lives to see people’s lives changed by Jesus.

Sadly, many lack support and feel isolated.

But we believe that those who are called, should be equipped.

Last year Innovista supporters provided training and support for 1,157 leaders. And the demand is growing.

With your support, we can help more leaders in difficult places to reach their communities with the hope of Jesus.

Innovista training helped our church leadership team to ask the hard questions and clarify our purpose. Having a clear focus helped us to decide what to start – and what to stop. In one year, 14 young people have become Christians. That’s more than we saw in the previous five years combined!

Péter, Church Pastor, Ukraine

Too many young leaders burn out after only a few years in ministry. When they do, their ministry suffers or stops. By providing training at the right time, Innovista are equipping leaders for the long haul. The result is healthy ministries growing in places that need them, and lives are being changed with the gospel.

Gavin Calver, Evangelical Alliance

My family and I have been Innovista supporters since the beginning. We support Innovista because we believe in their mission to help young Christian leaders make a difference. We’ve known the team over many years, and we trust them to use the resources they are given to grow God’s Kingdom.

Emma Young

Those who are called should be equipped


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