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Jem Todd

Jem Todd is the Team Leader of Innovista's Thrive Team in Barton. He grew up in Bath, England and is a qualified professional youth and community worker. He worked as a youth worker for the local council before moving to Barton in 2010 to be part of the first UK Thrive Team. Jem spent his summers as a teenager involved in mission in the Phillipines with his parents, who run a charity helping disadvantaged children there.

Jem says, "I became a Christian when I was six years old, but only really took it seriously when I was 18, impacted by my family's heart for mission."

Jem lives on Barton estate with his wife Phil. He leads the team of 25 volunteers, mentors some of the most at-risk young people from the estate, and is responsible for the now famous Thrive Allotment Project.

Favourite Quote: "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world." -The Hobbit

Hobbies: Football, growing things, playing guitar, running, bird-watching

What I Do: I lead a team of heroic volunteers who engage with young people in Barton through a variety of activities and create environments for them to develop.

Why I Do It: Because I believe all young people have the potential to be amazing, and deserve opportunities to change themselves and those around them.

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