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Alexandra Fomina

Alexandra Fomina is an accountant at Innovista Eurasia. She was born in Kiev and has lived there all her life. She graduated from Kiev Technological Institute of Light Industry with a desire to make elegant dresses for women but it didn’t work out. Instead she fell in love with numbers and it became her passion and her calling.

Alexandra says, "Some years ago my mother began to go to a church. She kept telling me that she was praying for me, my brother and our families. I wasn’t interested in God, but when my mother told me her testimony it surprised me. So, I decided to go with her to the church. My first visit to the church did not impress me, but I began to search for information about God. I read many books and my mother continued to pray for me! Finally, I realised that only God can save, so I committed my life to Jesus. Now, I love him and want to serve God and people!"

As well as numbers, Alexandra loves her husband Victor and two grown children.

Favourite Quote: "If you want to change the world start with yourself" - Mohandas K. Gandhi

Hobbies: To work and relax in the country; to grow tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and to feed the birds, hedgehogs and snakes.

What I Do: I prepare and examine financial records.

Why I Do It: To be a good stewardship of God's money.

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