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Tempo Content

Tempo is made up of  six day-long modules, aimed to help you lead mission better. Taking place over 10 months, each module is highly experiential, offering high quality content to meet the needs of young leaders.

Module 1: God’s Mission and Your Vision

Explore the big story of the Bible and how it shapes your part in God’s mission in the world. Understand your context so you’re able to engage your community with the gospel. Develop a compelling for vision for mission where you are.

Module 2: Leadership Elements and Communicating Vision

Explore the essential elements of missional leadership and assess your own reality. Learn how to communicate your vision for local mission in ways that will get the right people involved.

Module 3: Strategy and Stewardship

Explore the ways to get from your current reality to the future you see and develop the steps of your strategy. Develop the means to most effectively use the resources you have for local mission.

Module 4: Leading Teams

Explore what teams require to become highly effective and how to lead them. You’ll use tools to evaluate your own team(s) and to improve performance and impact.

Module 5: Character that Transforms

Explore how God transforms people and how you can be part of the process. You’ll develop a plan to grow your character and to support those around you to do the same.

Module 6: Going Further: Review and Outlook

Deepen your learning and improve your leadership through a peer group experience of reflection, coaching and integration.

Innovista Tempo how will it affect me?

How will it impact me?

Find out how Tempo can impact you, the ministries and the people that you lead, enabling those around you to embrace the hope of Jesus.

Find a Tempo group near you

Find a Tempo Group near you

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