Find a Tempo group near you

Find a Tempo Group near you

Tempo offers high quality mission-focused training for young leaders with a vision to make a difference where they are. Tempo groups take place in the different countries where we are located. Contact us to find your nearest group, or if you haven't already, find out more about Tempo.

If there isn't one near you, don't worry - get in touch to find out how we can equip you, and visit our resources page.

If you are part of a mission organisation that would like to see your leaders develop as they experience Tempo, contact us to see if we can offer exclusive Tempo content for your team.

What is Tempo?

Tempo offers high quality mission-focussed training for young leaders who have a vision to make a difference where they are. Find out more

Innovista Tempo Graduate to Lead mission

Tempo Graduate to Lead Mission

One young leader who has just completed an Innovista Tempo group in Ukraine is already using it to lead a mission team