Innovista Tempo Testimonials


Tempo offers high quality mission-focussed training to help you lead mission more effectively, both now and for the future. But don't just take our word for it!

"Tempo gave me the opportunity to see the complete picture of leadership. Candour, openness and interesting practical tasks created a pleasant environment for learning. For those who are involved in ministry I would say that Tempo is an excellent tool for improving your skills in leadership." -Roman, Ukraine

"Every time I had a Tempo training day, my vision lit up more and I was full of energy to move forward," -Christian, Austria

"The training which I received in leadership in mission from Tempo was incredibly enriching. I was able to gain knowledge and experience in developing vision and strategy for my own missional context, while underpinning it with Biblical principles, Christian values, prayer and fellowship with other people on the course. The one to one coaching sessions were of particular benefit to me as they provided me with personal support as I faced and explored real issues and challenges. As a result of Tempo, I am equipped to communicate vision in a way which encourages others to join in and embark on the journey towards reaching it. I also feel that whatever my context, I have gained a set of skills which I can draw on, and a continuing support base through the Tempo trainers and course colleagues." -Rachel, UK

Find a Tempo group near you

Find a Tempo Group near you

Whether you're a young leader in Ireland, Austria, Ukraine or Siberia, Find a Tempo near you today

Innovista Tempo Graduate to Lead mission

Tempo Graduate to Lead Mission

One young leader who has just completed an Innovista Tempo group in Ukraine is already using it to lead a mission team