What is Tempo?

Tempo offers high quality mission-focussed training for young leaders with a vision to make a difference where they are.

Highly Practical
Tempo is a highly practical, in-depth training experience, giving young leaders of local mission access to experiential learning informed by up-to-date theory. The course is designed to develop character and transferrable skills that will impact the ministries and people you lead both now, and in the future.

Group Learning
Tempo participants learn under experienced leader-practitioners in team with 6-12 other young leaders from your country - maximising the growth potential that only comes in community. Group learning (of various kinds) combines with individual coaching that will focus on specific application to the life and situation of each person.

Mission Focussed
Tempo participants see their leadership potential released as they engage with the course content with other like-minded young leaders, thinking through how the practical learning can impact the mission they lead. You'll be given the tools to develop as a leader, supported in the process through coaching, practical learning and the input of others who share your passions and struggles.

Learning Over Time
You'll have space to make mistakes. Tempo doesn't run in one straight week for a reason. Leadership is developed through learning and leading over time. Time allows for reflection, application, mistakes, progress and much more - all required for leadership to be nurtured and released. In between Tempo ‘intensives’, continual learning will be facilitated by web-based interaction with your experience practitioner and fellow participants, enabling ongoing conversations about anything from a new idea to solving a current problem.

High Quality Investment
Unusual in offering such high quality yet affordable training young leaders, Tempo content invites young leaders to access a level of training normally reserved only for those in senior leadership positions. By improving a leader, the effectiveness of them bringing the hope of Jesus to those around them will increase. If you improve a young leader, the longevity of this impact is even greater.

With 12 years experience developing leaders across Europe, Russia and Central Asia, Innovista are experienced in helping young leaders to lead mission more effectively. We remain committed to being involved in mission on the frontline, ensuring that our training remains relevant, rather than increasingly abstract.

Innovista Tempo Who Is It For?

Who is it For?

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Find a Tempo Group near you

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