Innovista Tempo Who Is It For?

Who is it For?

Tempo equips pioneering young leaders whose desire is to be a leader others love to follow; increasing the impact of the missions they lead.

If you're a young leader with a vision to make a difference where you are, we can help you make it happen.

Every Tempo participant will be involved in real-life leadership, for example in a local church or other ministry setting (either as staff or a volunteer), ensuring that leadership is learned in the context of ministry and mission.

In a culture where the best training seems to be reserved for the most senior leaders, Tempo's highly recommended content is focussed on investing in leaders with a lifetime of service ahead of them at the front end of their development. We believe that it is strategically wise to invest in young leaders today, developing their character and skills, equipping them for a lifetime of leading mission.

Innovista Tempo Content

Tempo Content

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Find a Tempo group near you

Find a Tempo Group near you

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