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Why give regularly?

Regular committed giving is by far the best way to support young leaders in their vision to take the hope of Jesus to those around them. Click here to set up a regular gift today.

Your commitment to giving regularly allows young leaders to pioneer sustainable local mission across Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

Young Leaders like those being developed and equipped by Innovista's Slavic.

Slavic has a long-time passion for and experience of ministry in Siberia. He often travels hundreds of miles on the Trans-Siberian railway to meet young leaders and help them develop effective teams and  mission initiatives to bring the hope of Jesus to those in their communities.

Slavic says, "Evangelism training here can often be nothing more than 'say this line', or 'ask this question at the start and this one at the end'. Young people are sick and tired of this scripted approach. As they try it and see little impact, they lose their motivation for mission. But a new generation of leaders are thnking differently.

Outreaches like Friendship Cafes which have recently sprung up across Siberia, after young leaders at a leadership summit Slavic was involved in developed the idea in a brainstorming session. Each 'cafe' is seeing around 100 people, around a third of whom are not-yet Christians, turn up to enjoy friendship, watch dramas and listen to interactive talks in cities across the region.

Regular giving allows Slavic to continue to train these young leaders, as we can manage our budget more effectively as we identify and develop these young leaders. It helps us plan ahead, cuts down on our admin, and enables us to meet our ongoing commitment to young leaders in difficult places.

Give by Standing Order

Innovista’s supporters love to give by Standing Order. Unlike Direct Debits, the relationship is between you (not us) and your bank – We just help you tell them. This means that you manage the money coming out of your account, so if you want to make any changes, it’s entirely in your control.

Complete this form today to help young leaders, like those in Siberia, take the hope of Jesus to those around them.

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