1,157 Thank Yous

06 Feb 2017

I had to write today to say thank you for your support.

Last week, I was in Ukraine with the leaders of Innovista’s eight training hubs. It was our annual meeting to review the year just gone, and to see how we can serve more effectively in this coming year.

We spent time planning, evaluating - and also celebrating.

Because last year, Innovista supporters like you equipped more leaders in one year, than ever before.

1,157 to be exact – that’s 174 more than in the previous year!

Many of them are leading in difficult places with little support. It can be easy to feel isolated.

But your prayers and your generosity are giving these young leaders the training and ongoing support they are looking for to grow churches and ministries that are bringing the hope of Jesus to their communities.

On Saturday, I met a pastor of a Ukrainian church. He and his team joined an Innovista training programme to help them grow their church. He told me how in their year of training, they saw 14 young people become Christians and be baptized - more than they had seen in the previous five years, combined!

I heard of another group of young leaders in a remote part of Central Asia who were helped by our supporters to start a new children’s’ outreach from scratch. In just a few years, their ministry has grown from one child to 20 small groups of children and families.

None of this happens without your support.

So I had to write to say thank you on behalf of 1,157 leaders for your prayers and your generosity that is training leaders them to communicate and demonstrate the gospel in difficult places.

Thank you so much for your support. I’m looking forward to seeing how God will use it to further his kingdom in 2017.

Jason Lane
International Director

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