Innovista Young Christian Leaders in Siberia leading mission

200 young leaders commit to mission projects

31 May 2012

Over 850 young people from Siberia joined together last month for a youth conference, many of them enduring arduous journeys to get there. Entitled 'Mission Possible', the conference witnessed 200 young leaders commit to participating in mission projects, starting this summer.

Innovista's Slavic Karpyuk is working alongside young leaders in Siberia. He writes, "Many of the young leaders were more than one day and one night on the trains or buses to get to the venue in Krasnoyarsk."

"I took several fresh followers of Jesus the 930 miles to the conference. These young people have only recently committed their lives to Christ in the last few weeks and they were excited to meet so many young people like them."

The young people didn't just learn about mission, but embraced it as they practically served the city. In cooperation with the local government they cleaned some catastrophically dirty areas, mostly around apartment blocks. "The local government were very suspicious at the start," writes Slavic, "but were amazed that young people showed up and worked hard. So many people asked ‘why?’ and we were able to share Jesus with them."

Responding to a call at the conference to participate in short and long term mission projects, 200 young people stood up to commit to involving themselves in projects starting this summer, in Siberia and further afield in Central Asia.

Now the task is to ensure that these passionate young leaders are trained to lead mission well. We want to add knowledge to young leaders' zeal, equipping them to be leaders who others will want to follow, enabling effective mission to take place that will help young people discover that life is best with God.

Would you consider giving today so that the enthusiastic young leaders in Siberia can be properly trained to lead mission, both for now and for a lifetime of leading ahead of them? £50, £25, even a £10 gift today will help a young leader receive training to enable them to lead a team on mission to help bring the hope of Jesus to those around them.

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