Thrive Barton 3 years on

3 Years on: Thrive's Story so far

03 May 2013

3 years ago a young leader moved onto a council housing estate in England. She had a vision to see broken young people from this estate discover hope and lasting change. But she had no team.

Today 30 volunteers join Innovista's Thrive Team to run a mentoring programme, a self-esteem group, a youth cafe and an allotment project. Living on the estate, Thrive are building ongoing relationships with the most disadvantaged and disengaged young people from Barton estate.

3 years ago youth work provision was being cut on the estate because local authorities had to cut back on costs.

Today we are about to start training 10 young volunteers from the estate who want to run their own youth work project for those younger than them, giving up their free time to do this.

3 years ago we were told that planting a church on Barton wouldn't work.

Today over 50 people are part of Barton Community Church and local councillors are asking us to replicate the Thrive model in other needy areas.

3 years ago Josh was getting into trouble with the police and beating people up for no reason.

Today the church is growing because Josh's friends and his family have seen the difference Jesus is making in his life. And they're turning to Jesus too.

3 years ago Morgan was addicted to computer games and rarely left the house. He dreamt of running his own business but didn't believe he could do it.

Today he is making money from a catering venture and is feeding 140 guests at a wedding this summer. He's 14.

A lot has happened in 3 years.

Allotment projects.


Young people turning into role models.

New Christians.

The first baptisms.

It hasn't been easy, that's for sure. But lives have been changed over the past 3 years.

And we're committed to long term change: for another 3 years, and another 3 years...

But we really need people like you to make that a reality.

Would you consider giving a regular gift so that the amazing young people from Barton can continue to reach their potential?

£15, £25 or £40 a month will make sure that the change that together we're seeing happen in Barton, is for the long term. Please click here to print a standing order form today.

Because of your prayers, your gifts and your time, young people from difficult backgrounds are discovering hope.

And we're really looking forward to more of that.

Innovista launch Thrive

Innovista launch Thrive

Innovista launch Thrive to bring hope and transformation to young people in communities that are often written off, forgotten or ignored.

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Give Regularly

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