Innovista Atheist to Pioneer Missionary

Aggressive Atheist turns Pioneer Missionary

30 Jun 2011

In his own words, Yuri "hated Christians".

He went to a local youth outreach where he lives in Southern Russia, with the aim to give them a hard time. And yet today he is developing an innovative youth ministry and leading other young people to faith in Christ.

"I thought Christians were stupid’ says Yuri. "I hated them and was really aggressive towards them. I went to their discussion club so I could shout at them and eat their food. I thought they were extra stupid to invite me back. Now I know why.

"Seeing into their lives, I saw they were very different from everyone else. I began to realise that God was in them. I eventually joined a small group where I began to build trust and interest in God. In the end, I just had to accept Jesus. And so did five others in the group.

"Since then I've grown stronger in my faith. I have to tell others about what Jesus has done for me. The change in me is amazing."

Yuri has created a new small group experience for his friends based on Innovista's Glad You Asked and Zerro resources, to bring others to Christ.

"In just three years, our youth group has grown from two to over 40 young people. We've recently seen at least 25 young people come to faith in Jesus. In fact, our church just had a baptism service for eight young people from our group."

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