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Investing in the Dreams of Others

20 Aug 2015

It’s hard to believe that it’s 18 months since the war in Ukraine broke out. 6,500 people have lost their lives in the ensuing chaos, including four in the last 48 hours.

Although the fighting is concentrated in the East of the country, its economic impact is felt everywhere. The Ukrainian Hryvnia is the world’s worst performing currency this year. Prices of everyday goods have doubled, and the utility bills have soared.

In times of despair, people are searching for hope. And young leaders like Andrii are keen to help them find it.

Andrii, 28 from Kiev, is the General Director of Hope Ukraine, a Christian finance organisation that tackles poverty and unemployment through financial training, savings clubs and small business 'loans. ‘I love investing in the dreams of entrepreneurs who have the ideas and potential to start or expand a business but simply lack the funds,’ he says.

‘The current situation here in Ukraine is causing big economic problems,’ says Andrii. ‘It’s even harder to get credit from banks now than it was before. Lots of people who have a plan to lift themselves and their families out of poverty, are not able to do so.’

Investing in Maria

One lady who came to Hope Ukraine for help is Maria, from the city of Drohobych. She ran a small mobile kiosk selling sweets on the streets, but was struggling to make ends meet for herself and her family.

When Andrii’s team met with Maria, they were able to give her a loan to open a second kiosk. Now, she’s been able to combine her increased profits with another loan to open a permanent shop in a building. Her business is growing. Her family’s needs are being met.

When one of Andrii’s team invited Maria to a local church, she saw it as an opportunity to find out more about the people who had helped her. In a short space of time, Maria made the best decision of her life, and committed to following Jesus.

Since then, one of her daughters has also become a Christian, and now her granddaughter too. Maria is praying hard that her husband and other children will follow suit.

Investing in Andrii

Innovista love seeing the generosity of our supporters equip leaders like Andrii to meet the pressing needs of their own communities with the love of Jesus.

At the end of August, 85 young leaders from eight countries are coming to Berlin for Innovista’s Leading for Life conference, for three days of practical training to help them lead mission better.

And Andrii would love to join them.

Thanks to the generosity of Innovista supporters, 52 young leaders from Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Romania are already coming to Leading for Life on scholarships.

But we're still looking for one more person to provide a scholarship for Andrii.

‘I’d like to go to Leading for Life to acquire new knowledge, get new practical tips, and meet interesting people,’ says Andrii. ‘All of this will help me to be a better leader in my work and ministry.’

Help Andrii Come to Leading for Life

Could you - or your church or small group - provide a scholarship so that Andrii can come to Leading for Life, so he can grow as a Christian leader?

£240 will cover Andrii’s training, accommodation and meals. Just email robin.peake [at] if you can help.

Please consider sending an email and helping Andrii in this really practical way, or forwarding this link to someone who might be able to help. We'd love to help him have an even bigger impact for Jesus in Ukraine.

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