Innovista Leading for Life 2006

Leading For Life makes lifelong impact

03 Sep 2006

Over 70 leaders from 14 different countries have returned to their homes this week better equipped to lead mission.

It follows Innovista's first Leading For Life conference which was held last week, where hand-picked delegates gathered from across Europe for three days of intensive training, networking and mentoring. Sessions were designed to enable young leaders to lead relevant local mission better. Space was given to help them reflect upon what they were learning, and they received help to think how they might put it into practice in their leadership setting.

Content was specifically geared at the younger generation who are strategically placed to reach the 16-30s in their contexts. Young leaders carry a pioneering spirit and are positioned at the forefront of culture. Because emerging leaders understand how post-modern generations approach the world, process information and search for spiritual answers, they are uniquely equipped to contextualise the unchanging gospel for their counterparts.

Innovista's investment in the young leaders at the conference, will see results in 14 different countries as these young leaders reach out to their peers with the hope of Christ, and lead others to do the same.

One young leader from Norway writes, "To me Leading For Life was not just another conference, but something God used to settled his calling upon my life. During the conference I was able to see more of the whole picture and got some tools to start working for real. The best way of describing it is that I got out of concrete boots and started running.

All six staff from LKSB (the IFES student movement in Latvia) were present. One of them wrote to us saying, "Some of the things that speakers said were very helpful in some areas of ministry and also personal life and relationship with God.  This conference really encouraged our team to move further and to grow as a team. Thank you! :)"

Thanks to the generosity of Innovista donors, scholarships were awarded to 35 delegates from 11 countries who otherwise would not have had the means to attend the conference and receive training.

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