Innovista Lorraine's Story of Leading in Ireland

Lorraine is Leading in Ireland

30 Sep 2007

"When I came to this year’s Leading for Life conference I was just beginning my second year as a campus staff worker in Dublin," writes Lorraine Wylie, a young leader in Ireland. "My job involves helping students become passionate life-long followers of Jesus.

"I decided to attend the conference because I had been very encouraged and impacted by the training that Innovista had done in Ireland over the past couple of years and I knew it would help equip and train me personally and in my work."

With many new faces on her campus team, Lorraine entered the conference with thoughts of how they could become a united team who lead students well. She also had questions of how they could be more effective in our ministry.

"The highlight of the three days was the depth of practical help we received on being instruments of change in our places of influence. And the hope that it is possible. Since I have returned from the conference I’ve become much more aware of the necessity to embody the vision personally (and as a team) in order to lead authentically and effectively. I am learning to listen deeply to those who are resistant to change and seek to understand them."

The conference also influenced Lorraine's recent decision to move to a community where she will have more opportunities to build meaningful relationships with those who don’t yet know life with God.

Please pray for young leaders like Lorraine in Ireland who are leading local mission, transforming their communities.

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