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Olya is Making a Big Impact

16 Nov 2012

Olya loves children. She passionately believes in unlocking their potential for good.

Recently the kids she serves heard stories of disadvantaged children their age in Central Asia. And they decided they needed to do something.

So after an idea proposed by some of the children, they have started to make bracelets, jewellery, hair bobbles and other crafts and are sending them to others less fortunate in Central Asia.

The children's mission that Olya pioneered in her home city of Mariupol on the Ukrainian coast, is bringing hope into children's lives and inspiring them to be missional.

Sometimes traditional Sunday School can look like a replica of a church service. But Olya, 28, tailors how she teaches children based on their individuality and different learning styles. As a result, scores of local children are engaging with the gospel in ways that are meaningful to them.

Starting on her own, Olya now leads a team of volunteers that she needs to keep up with the increasing numbers of children attending. Inspired by a leader who loves them as individuals, these children are now spreading the hope of Jesus to others their age who they have never met. And they are loving it!

Thanks to our generous supporters, Innovista have been able to coach Olya as she leads this special mission. In her coaching sessions, we have explored how to develop a good team and how she can best use her strengths to help children delight in Jesus.

Because of the initiative and passion of one young leader, the inspiring deeds of the children her team is reaching are stirring the local churches into action. Copying the children, they have now established a programme to send clothes to orphans in Central Asia. And one church invited Olya to train their children's workers.

It's amazing what one leader with a vision can do. Because of our supporters, Innovista trained 800 young leaders like Olya last year, equipping them to lead effective mission in their own unique contexts.

By 2015, our goal is to provide transformational training for 2,000 young leaders a year. Will you help, by making a gift today?

Bringing hope through young leaders in Barton, Oxford OX3

Bringing Hope through Young Leaders

Isn’t it great when a vision that you’ve had starts to come into fruition?

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