The only Christian in town

03 May 2013

Alexi is the only Christian in her family.

In fact, she's the only Christian in her neighbourhood.

And as far as she knows, she's the only Christian in her town - A town of 37,000 people in a Central Asian Republic.

Her husband doesn't think she can teach him anything about religion because she's a woman.

Her neighbours are angry with her for abandoning her Muslim identity.

Her town elders chased away the only other Christian a few years ago, threatening her that if she returned, they would kill her.

But despite the incredible pressure, Alexi, who's in her early 30s, keeps on following Jesus.

Because in a society that's dominated by Islam and where Christianity is treated with hostility by the Government, there's no such thing as a nominal Christian.

Alexi's outrageous dream

Alexi and her family live in a small dwelling. So much so that cooking, eating and hosting takes place on the terrace outside.

Yet Alexi has devoted her humble home to the Lord. She has a dream to see it become a local church.

That's an enormous step of faith when you're the only Christian in your whole town.

But Alexi's faith is beginning to 'move mountains'.

Curious Neighbours

Several of her neighbours have started to call at her door to borrow some milk. Or sugar. Or a saucepan.

Except it's not milk or sugar that they want.

Instead they're making excuses to visit, so that they can ask Alexi some questions about her faith, and then scurry off before their cover is blown by a passer-by.

Alexi says, "I have peace. I have something they don't have. When they started to understand this, they started to come to me."

Courageous in mission

Alexi shows relentless courage to share her faith on her open terrace like this.

She's breaking the laws of the land by doing so, and, if spotted, she could be fined the equivalent of three months' wages.

The lack of privacy to talk keeps her neighbours on edge when they visit. And they're running out of things to borrow.

Helping Alexi do mission in her context

She doesn't know it yet, but we've got a big surprise coming for Alexi.

Churches in the Ukraine have sent enough money to buy cement and bricks to build an extra room onto her house.

A room where her neighbours can ask questions about her faith without fear of being spotted.

A room where Alexi can proclaim Christ without the authorities watching.

A room where her dream to start a local church can become a reality.

Making a difference

Alexi doesn't just need training to lead mission in her unique context. She also needs walls for it to be most effective.

From the UK to the Ukraine, our supporters are making a difference for Alexi.

And you're making it possible for the 36,999 others in her town to discover Jesus.

Please pray that Alexi's dream to start the first church in her town would become a reality.

And help us train more young leaders like her across Central Asia by making a gift today.

Alexi's name and photo have been changed for security reasons

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