Innovista Tempo Graduate to Lead mission

Tempo Graduate to Lead Mission

20 Jun 2012

Six young leaders have just completed the first Tempo group in Ukraine and already one of them is involved in leading young people on a mission team to serve a rural community.

Roman is the Director of New Hope in Ukraine, a Christian organisation focusing on school and youth work that operates with 600 volunteers and has 15,000 enrolled on its Bible correspondence course. He 'graduated' from Innovista's Tempo, along with three church pastors and a youth leader, our distinct focus being to help leaders to lead mission. And Roman is doing just that.

Encouraged by Innovista's Anatoliy, who led the Tempo group, Roman will be leading a team of 12 young people from his local church to a nearby village in August where they'll be seeking out and serving the specific needs of the local community and communicating to them through words and deeds the love of Jesus.

'Mission teams can change young people, many of whom are not aware of the need for mission to be a way of life,' says Anatoliy. 'A mission team had a big impact on me as a young Christian, helping me see how God could use me to meet others' needs through the local church.'

Please join with us to pray that this experience would bear fruit in the village, as well as inspiring young people to discover everyday mission.

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