Thrive Allotment Dinner Awards

Young Achievers Receive Awards

23 Sep 2012

Three very special young people picked up Awards on Saturday night, at an event celebrating the accomplishments of young people from Barton, a council housing estate in Oxford. Mark, Jess and Lauren were nominated by their peers, volunteers and members of the Thrive Team for the Awards, which formed a central part of the Thrive Allotment Dinner.

Awards were sponsored by Carl Room, who owns four McDonald's restaurants including the one beside Barton and were presented by the Rt Hon Andrew Smith MP. Andrew says, "The Allotment Dinner is a great opportunity to meet local young people who have been working hard to make the most of their potential – often in difficult circumstances. It’s an important occasion to mark their achievement."

Watch the inspiring stories of these three young people below, who are being agents of change in their community


McDonald's Award for Community Leadership - Mark


McDonald's Award for Goal Achievement - Jess


McDonald's Award for Generous Giving - Lauren

Thrive: Barton Allotment Dinner 2012

Diners Feast on Young People's Achievements

What can a group of young people from a difficult community achieve when they're given a vision to pursue?


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