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With rapidly declining numbers of young people going to church, the next generation of leaders in Norway are discovering that they need to be leading mission that is relevant to this context, meeting the needs of those seeking Jesus.

Although 400 new churches have been planted in the last 30 years, the rate of church planting has declined in the last five years and churches in Norway are growing mainly through the immigrant population.

In May 2012, the Norwegian Parliament passed a constitutional amendment which provided for separation of Church and State, giving the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Norway increased autonomy. There is now no 'official' religion, and Article 2 of the constitution now says that Norway's values are based on its Christian and humanist heritage.

Young leaders are best placed to bring the hope of Jesus into an increasingly secular and post-modern context, where almost half the population claim to be atheists. Innovista have held Tempo groups in Norway, and strategically invested in youth leaders from groups like NKSS and FriBU. Norwegian young leaders have also been a part of Innovista's Europe-wide conference, Leading For Life.

Jarle Skullerud was a leader who benefitted from such investment, and now he is an Associate Staff Member with Innovista, offering young leaders of mission individual coaching and a team coaching experience in Norway.

Tempo graduates in Norway are pioneering new mission initiatives that are engaging with those in their local contexts, offering them credible opportunities to discover that life is best with God.

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