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Below are some written and audio resources produced by Innovista to help you lead mission better. You'll also find resources specifically from our Leading for Life events at


Mission Marked by Grace (Article)

Our mission should be marked by gentleness, respect and grace. Jason Lane helps us to discover how this works. Read.


Being Intentional on the Adventure of Mission (Article)

Most of the time mission happens as we live our normal lives. Jason Lane helps us to be intentional about it. Read


The Art of Asking (Article)

Rachel Lane asks whether we can break the routine of  giving the same old answers to the same old questions. Read


In the Beginning (Audio)

Is mission about evangelism? Or social action? International Director Jason Lane explores the fundamental principles of mission in the opening chapters of Genesis at an Innovista Leading for Life conference. Download (mp3)


Risk, Rescue and New Life (Audio)

Jesus crossed boundaries in his mission to defeat evil and rescue people. Following him means doing the same, but there are lots of obstacles that get in the way. Listen to Jason Lane share how Jesus and a bunch of pigs help us get beyond these obstacles to live lives that make a difference. Download (mp3)


Using Your Strengths in Evangelism (Article)

Discover with us how there is not a one size fit all approach to evangelism. Read


Empowering a New Generation of Leaders (Article)

Sam Moore shares with readers of VOX the challenges of releasing a new generation of leaders. Download (pdf)


Innovating Mission: A Case Study (Audio)

Rachel Gardner co-founded Romance Academy, a mission initiative set up to address the needs of teenagers around her. Here she tells stories of lives she has seen transformed, and inspires us to innovate mission amongst young people in our own contexts. Download (mp3)


The Single Most Important Leadership Decision You Can Take (Video)

Innovista's International Director Jason Lane explains how taking care of yourself may be the most important leadership decision you can take. Watch to find out why.


Thanking Your Volunteers (Video)

Ruth Koch, head of UK Volunteering for Tearfund, shares her thoughts on why thanking your volunteers is of vital importance. Watch here.


Giving Feedback to Those You Lead (Video)

Giving feedback can be difficult. Watch Ruth Koch explain how to use a four step process to give effetive feedback for your team.


Making Mission Local: The Skainos Project (Video)

Glenn Jordan is the director of the Skainos Project, an urban regeneration project run by a church in inner city Belfast. Watch him share his story and ask important questions about how we do mission.



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