Sponsor a Leader

At Innovista, we believe that every leader can make an incredible impact for God's kingdom.

A single well-planned mission initiative from a single well-trained leader could bring many in their local community to faith in Jesus. That one leader can then inspire those who respond to share their faith with others, too. 

All this can come from just one person, if they lead with the right inspiration, motivation, and strategy.

By sponsoring a leader, you can help not only them, but many others like them who will discover the hope of the gospel through that leader's mission.

All across Europe, Russia, and Central Asia, there are young Christian leaders who want to strengthen their existing mission efforts to reach more people for Jesus. Please consider giving £25 a month so that many people may hear about Jesus through one of them. Simply enter your details below to receive a free information pack about a leader who you can support.

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Changing the Leader Stereotype in Central Asia

"Christians have a unique role to play in Central Asia where people have really lost hope in their leaders."

Innovista What Difference does it make

What Difference Does It Make?

Read about the difference our supporters are enabling and hear from young leaders and those they are impacting themselves