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Sponsoring a leader helps them reach their potential and reach their community.

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Sponsoring a leader through Innovista has been a really rewarding and heart-warming experience. Our family have enjoyed witnessing how the training we helped provide has enabled his gospel ministry to grow. It’s been a real privilege.

Tori Grimes

I was so overwhelmed with my ministry, I wanted to quit. But this programme has helped me to build a team, and we are making followers of Jesus Christ. Knowing that there are people on the other side of the world praying for me and my ministry helps me to keep going.

Sergey, reaching drug addicts in Russia

Sponsoring a leader has made us feel much more connected to the work of Innovista. Receiving regular updates is a real encouragement and having their photo in our kitchen amongst our family snaps makes us feel connected and motivates us to pray regularly and specifically for them.

Jude and Mark Davies
Request your free, no obligation information pack

We have all seen the difference that a leader can make to a church or a ministry.

Yet in difficult places across Europe, Russia and Central Asia, many leaders lack support, and feel alone.

But we believe that if a leader is called, then they should be equipped.

We’ve seen what can happen when an Innovista supporter sponsors a leader. We’ve seen leaders flourish, ministries grow and lives changed with the gospel.

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Request your free, no obligation information pack

Frequently Asked Questions

Millions of young people across Europe, Russia and Central Asia have not been given credible opportunities to follow Jesus. But young leaders have the potential and possibility to reach those around them through local mission.

The Sponsor a Leader programme brings training and support to young leaders who have the vision and passion to take the hope of Jesus to those around them. Your sponsorship helps these leaders and others like them in their country to access training for local mission that meets the needs of their communities, changes lives, and builds God’s Kingdom in places that desperately need his hope.

You’ll receive a welcome pack with a fridge magnet and some more information about your sponsored leader and how to pray for them. If it’s safe, your sponsored leader will send you postcards from their country and we’ll send you annual reports to let you know how your sponsorship is making an impact in their community through the mission they’re leading. We’ll also pass on any urgent prayer requests from your sponsored leader and send you news updates from their region.

Sponsored leaders will usually take part in our training programmes for a period of 12-24 months. In some countries, this training can take longer because the church and its leaders have been so under resourced. This involves training in small groups with others like them that helps them form strategy and build strong teams, along with one-to-one coaching to help them best use their training to make an impact in their community.

When your sponsored leader has completed their training we will let you know so that you can celebrate with them and we’ll also let you know of others who need sponsorship to lead local mission.

If for any reason your sponsored leader is no longer able to participate in training, we will write to you and let you know immediately.

Because we train young leaders in their 20s and early 30s, the impact of your sponsorship will continue long after your sponsored leader has completed their training with a lifetime of service lying ahead of them.

It costs £25 a month to sponsor a leader.

82% of your donation goes directly to fund leadership training in the country where your sponsored leader lives which they will benefit from. The remaining 18% is used to ensure that Innovista is run effectively and contributes towards leadership, administration and fundraising. If more money is raised for leadership training in your sponsored leader’s country than is required, we will allocate any surplus towards the most pressing needs of Innovista’s ministry.

Our priority is to train leaders in their 20s and early 30s. We have found that in the places we work, this is the age group who have the most energy and enthusiasm to innovate new and effective forms of mission that will change their communities. We only train leaders with a vision for local mission, who are already leading teams on mission or who have the opportunity to start straight away. This ensures that your sponsorship has an immediate impact on the ground.

No. It takes a small number of sponsors like you to enable leaders like the one you’re sponsoring to be trained for local mission. Your generosity is pooled with others’ to equip young leaders like your sponsored leader in the country that they live.

When you sponsor a leader, we will send you some more information about them including how to best pray for them and the mission that they lead. Your sponsored leader knows that you are praying for them, and we’ll also pass on any urgent prayer requests from them to you.

Yes! Young leaders love to hear from their sponsors and to know that they are being prayed for. You can write to your sponsored leader by sending a letter via the Innovista office. We’ll make sure it’s translated into their language and passed onto them.

Yes! Your church or small group may wish to sponsor a leader (or more than one). If you would like to see this happen, talk to your church or small group leader and get in touch with us. We would be very happy to come visit your church and let you know some more about the young leaders involved in this programme.

It costs more than £30,000 to send a western missionary family overseas for a year. £25 a month can support a leader who’s already there.

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