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A large number of foreign missionaries have been involved in building evangelical churches in Austria in the past few decades. Some have left in recent years or are about to hand over to indigenous Austrian pastors and church leaders. It is time for Austrians to take over and continue what was initiated by foreigners.

But it represents a great challenge, as many potential leaders have not received ongoing training or support to enable them to lead well. Innovista seeks to bridge that gap and provide high quality leadership training for young Christian leaders who want to reach their world with the message of Jesus. 

Johannes Hindler volunteers as Associate Director for Innovista in Austria, and writes, "I am convinced that the work of Innovista could have an even greater impact on the Austrian church. I believe that one of the most important needs of the church in Austria is to develop a new generation of missional leaders who step into the gap of foreign missionaries who are leaving."

Innovista’s investment in Austria started at a conference in Györ 2004, when several students and student leaders attended seminars given by Innovista staff about Evangelism Strategies and Glad You Asked. This first connection developed into an ongoing partnership including training to lead Glad You Asked groups and several other initiatives that aimed to build up potential leaders in Austria. In 2006 Innovista launched its first Tempo group in Austria and invested more than two years into participants' leadership development.

In 2010, a year after hosting a Leading for Life conference in Vienna, Innovista appointed Johannes Hindler to establish Innovista Austria. Innovista run Tempo groups in Vienna and Salzburg, giving young Austrian leaders the tools and resources to pioneer sustainable local mission.

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