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Research conducted by Innovista in 2009 demonstrated that the young generation in the UK were not being offered credible opportunities to follow Christ, and that churches felt under-resourced to reach them. This was all the more striking in urban deprived areas.

In response to this, Innovista's first Thrive Team was launched in 2010 in Barton, Oxford, a tough housing estate on the periphery of the famous city with the "dreaming spires". Thrive Teams work in places that are often written off and ignored, helping young people discover hope and lasting change. In line with Innovista's experience in developing young leaders, Thrive encourage young people from these situations to develop as leaders, and will be offering an academy to train leaders for similar mission across the country.

In addition, Innovista continue to run Tempo groups and offer coaching in the UK to enable young leaders to bring about change in the lives of those around them through the local mission initiatives that they lead.

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