Innovista One Day Workshops

One Day Workshops

Innovista offer a range of one day practical workshops to train leaders to lead mission more effectively.

Who are these workshops for?
Mission leaders in their 20s and 30s. If you are someone whose role influences others, then you are in leadership. If your role helps people to engage with and experience the hope of Jesus, then this is mission.

Why should I come?
Our experience tells us that when leaders invest carefully in their own development, everyone benefits - you, your team, those you are serving, and the wider community who experience the ‘ripple effect’ of great leadership.

What do the workshops offer?
Learning that makes a difference straight away
You will work practically on your real life issues, applying tools and models directly to your context. We focus on the unique challenges that you are facing, helping you to take your learning and apply it straight away for immediate impact.

Interactive, experiential learning
We keep workshop group numbers small, so that you can have a truly interactive experience with your workshop leader and fellow participants. You can come as a team or come on your own to any of the one day workshops.

Like minded colleagues
Innovista workshops bring together leaders like you who want to increase their effectiveness in mission.

Training from experts
Each workshop trainer is an experienced leader of mission who understands what it means to lead excellently over the long haul.

Coming Soon:

  • Developing and Delivering Strategy
  • Leading Volunteers
  • Leading Through Conflict
  • Leading Well Through Change
  • Leading High Performing Teams

I am consistently impressed by the stand out quality of what Innovista do. If Innovista did a flower arranging workshop, it would be the best flower-arranging workshop around! The workshop was helpful in adding to my understanding the dynamics of coaching and in providing examples. -Julian Brown, National Training Coordinator, The Navigators


The Innovista coaching day was enjoyable and exceptionally well organised. The workshop helped me understand the deeper personal and relational issues in coaching, and being aware of this has added a new and invaluable dimension to my role as manager and coach. -Tim Adams, Chief Administrative Officer, IFES

Why use Innovista?

Why Use Innovista?

Why are Innovista best placed to use coaching as a tool to develop you as a young leader?

Innovista Building Teams in Ukraine Andriy and Masha

Building Teams in Ukraine

Young leaders are expected to get involved in every mission activity in the church. Which is why we're helping Andriy build a strong team