Overcome the obstacle you face and identify a clear way forward.

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Now I know how to set proper goals and work in a team. The team became stronger and our commitment and responsibility has grown.

Elizaveta, Siberia

The ‘Creating a Strategic Plan’ workshop helped the team to realise what the vision is and the need to think strategically. It helped us see long term rather than just Friday evening to Friday evening.

Neil, Ireland

I have done a lot of training, but your training was different. While we were going through the training we were getting information and at the same time we were experiencing what it looks like in practice. I like all the exercises and tools which you provided.

O, Central Asia

If you are working with others to communicate and demonstrate the gospel in your community, then you can be guaranteed you will face obstacles along the way.

These are the issues that can prevent you from achieving the things you want to see happen and leave you feeling frustrated at lack of progress.

But taking a little time to work on an issue as a team can make a big difference.

An Innovista workshop could help you and your team move past the obstacle that is holding you back. We offer a range of half-day and full-day workshops arranged to suit your needs. With each workshop tackling one specific situation or problem, you will become clear on your next steps towards a solution that helps you see the change you want to see.

Take a look at our sample workshop outline and get in touch to discuss your needs.

Sample workshop outline
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