Amina’s* vision to help others discover life with Jesus began with a decision at 39,000 feet.

She had become a Christian at the age of 16 after seeing the Jesus film. But the tiny church she had joined had no youth ministry, and seemingly no one to start one.

That all changed last year when Amina attended Leading for Life in Central Asia.

“Why do you pray?”

Inspired and equipped by the conference, Amina felt challenged on her plane journey home to start something for teenagers herself.

She hit upon the idea of introducing fitness classes – a way for Christians to build relationships with young people outside of the church in a country where sharing your faith openly is not allowed.

Within a few weeks of the conference, the classes were launched and soon 25 young people were regularly turning up.

75% of those coming were unbelievers, including a small group of Muslim men.

One of them asked why they always prayed at the start of each session. He was told, ‘We believe in Jesus and we’re thankful for our bodies.’

Wanting to find out more, this young man asked more questions. And three weeks later he declared, ‘I need to change my life.’ Since then he and another two others have become Christians through Amina’s group.

Caring for Elderly People

But Amina, now aged 19, knew it wasn’t just young people who needed to hear about Jesus. Outside her town is a care home for elderly people who have dementia, but who don’t have family to look after them.

So Amina arranged for her youth group to visit. A small concert was organised with tea and cakes and Christian music. Amina and talked about Jeremiah 33:3 and encouraged the residents to ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

Since then the group has gone back every six weeks, treating the ladies to manicures, and bringing them clothing and shoes. ‘They are always happy when we come to see them,’ says Amina.

Inspiring Others

This Autumn, Amina returned to Leading for Life in Central Asia thanks to a scholarship from Innovista supporters.

This time, not only did she receive more training to lead her youth ministry in a difficult place, but she also spoke to encourage the 42 other leaders with what had happened since she took that decision on her journey home last year.

So that by the time the conference ended, there were other leaders making ministry decisions on their journeys home too, thanks to your support.

Imagine what could happen by this time next year.

* name and photo changed for security reasons.