Helena* is a courageous young Christian in a Central Asian country where that’s not easy. Back in 2014, she felt that God was calling her to reach out to children.

But she had no idea how to start.

With so few Christians in her country, she lacked support and felt isolated.

Then, thanks to Innovista supporters, she and others in her church were given training and support to change their small town with the hope of Jesus.

And that’s what has happened.

“Who Taught You to Pray Like This?”

After the training, Helena felt encouraged to start a children’s ministry – even though it’s against the law in her country.

Her small team played games and shared Bible stories with local children. Over time, some of these children started to follow Jesus.

One child expressed her new faith at home by praying out loud before meals. Her father was confused. These were not the ritual prayers of his ancestors. So he asked his daughter, ‘Who taught you to pray like this?’

She told her father about Helena and he demanded to meet her.


Helena was nervous when she went to visit the father.

She had been praying about this meeting a lot. So too had her church.

But she needn’t have worried.

Over a long evening, this little girl’s father asked lots of questions. As Helena told him about Jesus, his suspicion turned to searching. And at the end of the night, he – and the whole family – decided to follow Jesus.

Community Change

But the story you’re writing doesn’t stop there.

As the neighbours saw the remarkable change in this respected family, others came to faith. So too did more children through Helena’s ongoing outreach.

And the latest news from our local team in Central Asia is that God has grown this ministry to twenty small groups of new disciples.


All because of the simple faith of one child.

Who was reached by one young leader.

Who felt equipped and supported to fulfil her vision because Innovista supporters like you stepped in to help.

Thank you.

* name changed to protect her identity