‘I have been caught twice and fined many times.’

Pastor B is a church leader in a Central Asian country, where being a church leader attracts the attention of the secret police.

Being found with a sermon on your phone can lead to a heavy fine.

Over the last few months, he’s been busy building a small business growing tomatoes and other crops – and sharing the hope of Jesus with his community.

Trumped-up charges

But pressure came to a head recently when he was arrested and charged by the authorities, and given a court date.

Despite the threat of prison, he stayed calm and focused on strengthening and encouraging those around him.

Thanks to you, he knows he is not alone, and has been in close contact with Innovista trainer, Marina.

She asked Innovista supporters to pray, and your response was immediate.

Feeling low

On the day of his court case he called Marina in a low mood. She talked with him and did what she could to lift his spirits.

Then two hours later he made a very different call.

The authorities had completely dropped the charges against him. He was free to return to his wife and children, and to his church.

Prayer brings breakthrough

Bursting with joy and gratitude to God, Marina wrote, ‘I know it is our prayers’.

Thank you for your support. Through it you are bringing breakthrough for church leaders in some of the world’s most challenging places.

Please pray for continued courage and protection for Pastor B and his family as he shares – and lives out – the freedom that faith in Jesus can bring. Thank you.