18-year-old JJ* recently joined an underground church in Central Asia – but there’s no pastor to nurture him in his newfound faith.

His home is a remote city with few jobs, deep poverty and little hope. In a city of 50,000 people, there are only 30 Christians – it’s very difficult place to follow Jesus. Adult believers face persecution and challenges in meeting regularly or sharing their faith.

Green Shoots of Growth

But something is breaking through the hard ground.

JJ’s love for Jesus is deep, and his hunger to learn more about him and to see his city changed is powerful.

His Muslim father was angry to hear of JJ’s new faith and doesn’t allow him to read the Bible. Unable to read God’s word openly, the teenager has been staying awake to read it through the night while everyone else sleeps.

There are barely enough Christians in JJ’s city to fill a bus. And there are only three that we know of who are young like him. It could be easy for him to feel isolated and alone.

But thanks to Innovista supporters, JJ and some other Christian leaders like him have received training and support to think about what God might be wanting to do in their city.

A Bold Goal

Instead of becoming discouraged, JJ has decided that he wants to see his city reached with the good news of Christ. Encouraged to look for strategies to break his ambitious goal down into practical steps, he asked God to help him identify people who would be open to hearing about Jesus – and a classmate came to mind.

When JJ quietly shared with him, his friend made a decision to follow Jesus, too. Opposition from their families prevents the young men from meeting up in their homes. But they are learning to find solutions to overcome the obstacles around them, and are creative and determined in applying them.

Prayer Walking with Passion

They now spend their journey to and from school reading their Bibles on their phones, and discussing what they read. They have also begun to prayer walk their city, holding its inhabitants up to their newfound Father in prayer as they criss-cross its streets.

Thanks to you, JJ and his classmate now know they are not alone, but part of something much bigger.

Please join them in prayer that their city would be reached and changed by the limitless love of the God they have come to follow.

*name and image changed to protect identity