Thrive Teams goes digital

With an amazing response to our Thrive Teams Coronavirus appeal and the dedication and commitment of our Thrive Teams’ Team Leaders and youth workers, we are now running our sessions digitally, across Blackbird Leys, South Abingdon and Barton.

To be providing youth work for the young people we work with at such a challenging and uncertain time in their lives is brilliant. We know the impact this lockdown and school closure is having on these young people, and so to be able to bring positive content into the lives allows us to continue the journey we have begun with them.

Odet, Team Leader on The Leys says,

We had another positive arts and craft session yesterday. We aren’t yet doing any specific activities, but that doesn’t seem to matter at this stage. The same 4 young people who attended last week, came along again. We had planned on having just a 50 minute session but the conversation was flowing so well that the young people were happy for the session to overrun by almost 20 minutes. Although it is half-term next week we are planning to run another session, which the young people are up for. It would be good to see the other members of the group join us. But praise God for the 4 who are engaging and have enjoyed the sessions!