Hello, or should we say Привіт…

Did you know that Ukraine is home to seven World Heritage sites, the world’s third busiest McDonald’s, and the deepest underground tunnel* in any city in the world?

Did you know it’s the largest country entirely in Europe? It covers 605,628km² (that’s two and a half times bigger than the UK), and is home to 42 million people.

And did you know that Innovista has been working there for 17 years? It’s one of our hard-to-reach and unlikely places and even more so now, as they too are in lockdown.
This Holy Week, we’re sharing exclusive videos and amazing photos to show you what life is really like in Ukraine, and how to celebrate Easter there! Why not spend some time learning how to speak the language, bake a traditional Easter bread, and get to know this beautiful, diverse, and challenging country.

*Arsenalna, a station on Kyiv’s Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska line, goes a massive 105.5 metres below ground! Sources UNESCO, Telegraph Travel, World Atlas

How’s your Ukrainian?