Innovista’s National Director in Moldova, Maricela, has shared a brilliant story about the resilience and creativity of young people in lockdown in their capital city, Chisinau. It resonates deeply with what Thrive Teams are doing in Oxford at the moment. Across our many locations, Innovista is enabling young leaders to impact their communities at this time of international crisis.

Last autumn, these seven young people in Chisinau completed Innovista’s Tempo leadership course with Maricela. Full of hope and vision for their city, and especially for others their age, they planned and launched a fantastic youth club called “Be You” in October. It wasn’t long before 50 people were coming each week. Then lockdown happened.

Rising to the challenge

When lockdown came in March, the club had to stop meeting. But Maricela says, “they did not lose their hope”. The team started planning again. First, they called each member to find out their practical needs, and help them get hold of food and essentials. They continue to phone each member each week to keep friendships alive during a lonely time.

Next, the team relaunched the club online. They posted a challenge on Facebook: make a video showing Five Things to do in Quarantine. Amazing videos were uploaded including sports, reading good books, playing with favourite animals, helping people, and studying new foreign languages. The best five won highly coveted lockdown prizes! Watch some of their highlights.

The club’s reach has grown to about 200 young people, and is better known than ever.┬áMaricela asked the team, “How do you cope with the challenges of quarantine?” They answered, “We are a strong team, with a purpose, and a vision. At our Tempo workshops we learned how to be a functional team and be creative. And we have a motto: strong people are flexible in any situation”.

Thanks to Innovista, young people in Chisinau have a community and activities to help them through lockdown. And what’s more, as this dynamic young team share their faith and hope in Jesus, several people have put their trust in Him.┬áPlease pray for these young people stepping out in faith and courage. Thank you.