After months of lockdown, and trying to engage young people online, Thrive Teams were delighted to run holiday clubs IN PERSON during August!

Thrive Teams ran holiday clubs for three days in South Abingdon, and three days in the Leys. Beforehand, leaders asked for prayer for “good weather, for young people to positively engage, and finally for good behaviour.” Recent sessions had been tough because of the attitude and frustration of the young people: not towards the leaders, but simply because they are going through a really hard time.

We were delighted to welcome 19 young people in South Abingdon, and 12 in the Leys, for two brilliant weeks of holiday fun in blazing sunshine! We ran arts and crafts and loads of sports and games, as well as teaching sessions on positive mental health.

During both weeks, Thrive Team leaders reconnected with young people and invested in meaningful ways in their lives. We were also able to encourage them to invest in each others’ lives, giving our young leaders a chance to exercise their own leadership gifts.

These clubs were much-needed and provided a joyful end to a difficult lockdown summer. We thank God for abundant answers to our prayers, and we want to thank you – our wonderful supporters – for making this ministry possible.

“I had a really good conversation with one young lad about how he is doing and self-esteem and valuing oneself. We were able to talk about our own experiences and how we have seen God at work in our lives.”

 – Daniel Martin-Thomas, Thrive Teams Youth Worker, The Leys