Multiplying our mission in Moldova

The restrictions of coronavirus have rapidly become our “new normal” this year. Like you, we are grateful daily for the technology which allows us to connect and communicate in meaningful ways even when we can’t meet in person. In Moldova, coronavirus cases continue to rise, hospitals are running out of space to handle the load, and restrictions on gathering are firmly in place in for foreseeable future. Discipleship is a priority for churches at this fragile and wearying time.

Maricela, Innovista’s National Director in Moldova, has been working with a local leader called Gina. Maricela has recently finished leading Gina through Tempo – Innovista’s 18-month leadership training programme – where her leadership gifts were able to bloom.

When coronavirus hit, Gina saw the particular strain it tended to put on women. Many were locked down at home, dealing with the sudden challenge of home-schooling, and the need to manage work without any childcare provision because nurseries were closed. It was a time of financial worry, emotional strain, and physical tiredness. Gina felt very drawn to supporting these women. She wanted to build a community of women who understood each other’s contexts, could pray for each other, and be spiritually refreshed together.

And so, in April, Gina launched an online women’s group. About 30 women, from different churches and different parts of Moldova (including some Moldavians who live abroad), have been meeting ever since. Many are Christians already; some are not yet, but want to know more about Jesus. On weekdays, Gina posts a bible verse and a short comment online to encourage the group. Each week, Gina gives them a longer passage from the bible which they read by themselves. She asks them to consider,

  • How did this passage speak to you?
  • What are some ideas and observations?
  • How do you apply this Word in your daily life?
  • What are you praying for?

When they meet together once a week (on Zoom!), they can share their thoughts on the passage – as well as their joys, challenges and needs – and pray for each other. The group is helping them to encourage each other, grow in faith, and bring unity across different church backgrounds.

Gina’s vision is to grow disciples who can go on to run similar ministries with other women.

“Gina is a very special person with a big heart for God, for prayer and people. Her biggest wish is to do the will of God in her life. Tempo helped her to organize her thoughts, to make a vision, a strategy and put it in practice.”

Investing in leaders really does multiply our impact in mission. Maricela has equipped Gina to invest in a much larger number of women – even during these restricted times. And as Gina sends out that group of 30 to invest in others, we will see the hope of Jesus shared in the lives of so many more. Your support for Innovista is equipping leaders across Moldova to play their part in God’s mission. Thank you.

“When I am so busy with my household responsibilities, I am so thankful to be in this group. It keeps me in the Word of God and encourages me a lot.”