Today is #GivingTuesday and I want to bring the needs of Innovista before you.

2020 has been a year like no other. Coronavirus has cast a shadow over us, and our Christian hope doesn’t make us immune to the pain of loss and separation we are experiencing.

But our Christian hope does give us someone to trust. The “great light” isn’t a disembodied theory; he is a person. At Christmas we celebrate Jesus stepping into our darkness. He didn’t stay remote; he didn’t advise from a distance. And he isn’t immune from our pain. Even in our darkest times, God is with us.

Training incarnational leaders

This year, from Siberia to South Abingdon, the communities Innovista serves have been hit hard by coronavirus, suffering from unequitable medical care and economic support. The leaders we train are from these communities. We don’t train people who stay remote, or advise from a distance; we train people who live and work and raise their families there. And by dwelling incarnationally, they are best placed to help.

Mobilising the local church

In all these communities, leaders trained by Innovista have mobilised the local church to respond to the coronavirus crisis. They’ve done this in context, in creative and life-giving ways, whether through food parcels or counselling. And in everything, leaders trained by Innovista are sharing their hope in Jesus, the light of the world, who stepped into our darkness.

Doubling your Christmas gift

This Christmas, please give generously to Innovista – you can do so here. This has been a very hard financial year, but, wonderfully, all Christmas gifts will be matched. So please invest – as you are able – in training more leaders who will bring the hope of Jesus to people in darkness. The world needs them now more than ever.

Thank you.