When Kacie first joined Thrive, she was overwhelmingly shy and struggled even to make eye-contact with leaders. Over several years, her confidence slowly grew, and we all saw her enormous potential. In fact, she won an award for Breakthrough at our 2019 Young Achievers Dinner. Having aced her GCSEs, she started A-Levels and wanted to apply for university, but with little support from her school, the prospect was too daunting.

Her ambitions might have gone unrealised without Thrive Teams. We knew what a difference a mentor would make to 17-year-old Kacie’s confidence and aspiration. Just after the first lockdown we matched her with Belinda, a PhD student in Biochemistry (Kacie’s chosen field). With Belinda on her side, Kacie applied to university (including Oxford, where she was interviewed by two colleges). She did brilliantly in her mock A-levels and has received offers from three universities so far.

We are excited to see Kacie’s potential being unlocked, and so proud of how far she has come!