When you learn how to model true, Christlike leadership, other people notice the difference. People are drawn, not just to you, but to Jesus himself – the perfect example of a leader.

There are plenty of stories to tell of people coming to faith in Jesus through the men and women we train and support. Here is just one story, though, that has warmed our hearts personally.

Odam* (22) is a young leader in a remote region in Central Asia. Inspired by the Tempo Leadership Course that he attended, he has been serving his community through a volleyball project. Each evening he witnesses to the love of Jesus with the people who join him on the court. It has already paid dividends.

Bekzod* (19) was drawn to the atmosphere of volleyball games and saw that there was something different about the team. “He used to stay behind after the games and help clean up with our youth team,” says Odam. The rest of the team (most of whom were Christians) treated him very well. He could feel a different, friendlier atmosphere where he felt free to talk.

And talk he did, to his fellow players. Bekzod had already been asking another friend about Islam. He started reading the Qu’ran. However, it made little sense to him.

Odam could see that Bekzod was searching and so he shared the Gospel with him more fully. Bekzod received the offer of eternal life with open arms.

Soon enough, Odam could see that Bekzod was a changed person. “He stopped using bad language in conversations. And his attitude to others has changed as well. Before, he used to think that most people were, at heart, bad. So he treated them as he expected them to treat him. It was a vicious circle. But now he understands that God created everyone. He’s learning to treat every person with love. It’s an amazing transformation.”

Bekzod is now a regular at Sunday meetings and helps to lead the volleyball project. His parents don’t yet know about his conversion, however. The team is praying hard that his parents will notice the difference that Jesus has made to Bekzod, just as Bekzod noticed the difference Jesus made to his team-mates.

* Names have been changed and we have used a stock photo to illustrate this story for security reasons.