This summer (restrictions permitting), Thrive Teams leaders Matt and Daniel will run three-day holiday clubs in both South Abingdon and the Leys! In both communities, the school year has been a challenge. For the second year in a row, learning has been disrupted, friends separated, and morale kicked low. Many young people face a long summer break with nothing to do. They need support, and something to look forward to.

You can help us do this.

It costs Innovista £4,000 to run holiday camps in both locations. Can you make a gift to support Thrive Teams this summer?

In South Abingdon, Matt says, “It’s so important that the young people have a place to come and share their concerns and talk to youth workers they trust and then have the confidence to share any issues they may be going through.” In addition to providing much needed support, the holiday club is a vital part of Matt’s strategy to raise up new leaders. He explains, “Our plan is to get five potential young leaders leading in certain activities and helping to plan the holiday club. Then we’ll launch a series of leadership sessions for them after the holiday club.”

In the Leys, Daniel is planning a holiday club in late July. He is also really hoping to run a camping trip for young leaders and volunteers in late June. Some of them have had a particularly rough time in lockdown and are having to re-sit some of their GCSEs. He knows that the trip would be a great opportunity to bond and to lift the spirits of those who are especially downcast.

Daniel also hopes to take a small number of young people to a camp in August run by another Christian organisation, Urban Saints. He hopes that this could include some year 7 students who have been talking with Thrive Teams about struggles in their relationships and challenges at home. Daniel hopes that time away would enable Thrive Teams to get to know them better and understand how to best support them.

We are confident in the impact of both sets of plans for the summer, and ask if you will support Thrive Teams financially as we run them. Please can you make a gift towards our £4,000 goal by 18 June?

Thank you for making the holidays brighter for these precious young people.