Our Annual Report looks back on 2020 and enables us to tell the story of an extraordinary year.

It tells the story of the leaders that you supported, like Cornel and his youth ministry team in Moldova, who received leadership training because of generous supporters like you. They learnt the value of flexibility while living in a post-Soviet context which has an inherited culture of rigidity. Their new found skills helped them support 200 young people through the challenges of lockdown.

Thanks to your generosity, we received £634,423 in 2020, almost exactly the same as we did in 2019 despite the difficulties of Covid-19!

We’re so grateful for the supporters that helped write the stories of 2020!

If you would consider making a philanthropic donation or leaving a gift in your will, please contact Mary Oakes, Director of Supporter Relations at mary.oakes@innovista.org, or call +44(0)7463 033523.

If you are a trustee wanting to find out how your charitable trust or foundation could work with us, please contact Jon Pape, Trusts Relations Manager at jon.pape@innovista.org, or call +44(0)7801 425125.