In Moldova, we are developing a new leadership programme called Mindshift. It is being developed by our teams in the former Soviet Union, led by Maricela, Innovista Moldova National Director.

This is a series of seven workshops which helps to bring ‘renewal of the mind’ for those leaders who still carry the heavy burden of their soviet past. It is designed to help senior pastors and leaders to be honest with themselves about their leadership strengths and weaknesses. It equips them with tools, and the permission, to think more freely and be more innovative and creative as they lead.

Since April, Maricela has been piloting the course with a group of 10 leaders, who will finish in August. Maricela told us,

“They are very involved in the programme and take it very seriously. They have homework to do between sessions to put new things into practice and they are really engaged with this. Presenting their homework to the whole group is the favourite part of the sessions for many.”

Jana, co-leads the youth ministry of Bethel Church in the city of Telenesti. She said,

“We learnt a lot of good things and good ideas, which we try to apply in our work. We even have some results. We can organise better our teams, we can organise better our programmes, and we have discovered ourselves, especially we tried to discover the old thinking in our minds and we pray to God to replace it with new [thinking]. I think everyone who serves in the church should do this course because it is very practical.”