I have found church hard this year. I wonder if you have too? We’re all Zoomed out, sick of face masks, and longing to sing together again. These have been challenging times for churches. These have also been challenging times for church leaders, ministering at a distance and reaching out to their communities remotely – at a time when the need for hope has never been more glaring.

Your local church needs your support. And so does the global church.

Leaders for mission in challenging contexts matter. Their calling has always been hard, and the pandemic has only made it worse.

Slavic, our National Director in Siberia, recently shared feeling isolated and discouraged. However, his commitment to mission is remarkable: denounced on Russian television as a corrupting influence, arrested, and threatened with deportation, he perseveres to train and support pioneering leaders for mission in Siberia. Leaders like: From left to right, Andrey, a church planter in Novosibirsk; Bagdan, a gifted evangelist in Tomsk; Anya, a teacher, spotting potential in others in Omsk.

Investing in leaders is the best way to equip churches for mission.

Our commitment to leaders, and the mission they enable, will not waver. We know from twenty years’ experience that investing in leaders is the best way to equip churches for mission. With your support we can go on developing godly leaders who serve their communities and share the hope of Jesus.

Despite Coronavirus. Despite opposition. Despite persecution.

Jesus said, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” (Matthew 16:18)

This July, please support our work. We are halfway through the year now, but £60,000 short of raising half the money we need. Please give generously. Please don’t leave leaders to struggle on alone: your gift will provide them with crucial mentoring, coaching and encouragement.

Together, we can cultivate pioneering mission against all the odds and see leaders, churches and communities flourish in some of the world’s harshest contexts.