Omsk, the second largest city in Siberia, is home to over a million people. It is also home to nine universities, giving the city an enormous student population.

Anya is a teacher in this city. She is young – but gifted. She has a natural ability to see the talents in others, and help them to flourish. Slavic, Innovista Siberia’s National Director, has been mentoring her for several months now. Part of her training included learning how to run retreats for students, and – having been mentored by Slavic – Anya just ran one of her own.

Anya took 21 students for a weekend retreat at the start of October. More than half of them were entirely unchurched, with barely a shred of knowledge about the Christian faith. Wonderfully, they loved the retreat!

Ivan, a Christian student, invited a friend to the retreat. This friend had never been to church and knew almost nothing about Christianity. He was fascinated by the teaching, and loved spending time with the group. His verdict at the end was, “it was the greatest time!” This student is really keen to keep talking and meeting with the Christian group.

Other Christian students said that this was the biggest and most successful outreach retreat that they can remember from the last five years. Do pray for growth in this ministry, and for many of these unchurched students to come to faith in Jesus.

Slavic’s investment in Anya is bearing fruit in her life. She is growing as a leader and an innovator in Omsk. In turn, Anya’s leadership is bearing fruit in the lives of these students. This is Innovista’s model – by investing in leaders, our impact in mission is multiplied many times over. Thank you for making this possible by supporting Innovista.