Skadovsk is a port city in the southern Kherson region of Ukraine. It has been in the news recently following the alleged abduction of the Mayor. The region is now largely under Russian control, with crucial supply lines cut off by Russian military. On Saturday, Russian military blocked fourteen trucks carrying humanitarian aid into the area.

One local pastor shares, “…food supplies are minimal, and queues are very large. Official suppliers bring almost nothing. Pharmacies are empty. We try to create as many stocks as possible, because the spring sowing season is under threat due to lack of fuel and fertilizers for sowing.”

In this desperate situation, God is providing. Small local suppliers are selling off leftovers from their warehouses – including a local flour mill. They are rationing flour to 5kg or 10kg per person, but – miraculously – they agreed to sell 500kg to the church. The church can now make bread for many local people, for many days to come. 500kg of flour cost £232 – and with support from our Ukraine Response Fund the church was able to buy it.

This local pastor also shared the needs within his church. The reality is, four weeks into war, that many able-bodied people have fled. The proportion of vulnerable people left behind is going up. His church has many elderly people, several families with a lot of children (including one mother who is pregnant with her ninth child), and families caring for children with additional needs. These people are unable to flee, and need a lot of support. In Skadovsk, as in so many communities across Ukraine right now, churches are caring for the most vulnerable in their communities