Serving with courage

As Russia’s brutal war on Ukraine continues, local churches in both Ukraine and neighbouring Moldova are serving with courage and creativity, enabled and encouraged by your support.
Innovista has been training and equipping church leaders in Ukraine for more than fifteen years. This network of trusted and proven leaders has allowed for a fast, focussed and impactful response that continues eight weeks in.

Responding to local needs

Our Ukrainian staff are in constant contact with church leaders as they meet critical needs in their towns and cities, as well as in other locations where help is most urgently needed. We have been sending grants to trusted local leaders who know how best to use it.

In some cases, leaders have received money to buy critical supplies within two hours of it being sent. They have bought food and water, medicine, fuel for generators and delivery vehicles. These vehicles, driven by volunteers wearing home-made body armour, are running around the clock, delivering essential goods to towns and cities under attack. They often return full of people evacuated from these places, who are then given a place to stay.

Yesterday, we heard from a church in Bucha who are providing food, hygiene products and generators for power. The most basic necessities are the priority in many places, including those where Russian forces have now left.
To date we have distributed more than £125,000 in grants to more than twenty churches across Ukraine and Moldova. To see more of how this is being used, please visit our Ukraine microsite.

Ukraine Response Fund

Since launching our Ukraine Response Fund on 21 February, £400,000 has been given to support ordinary people in Ukraine, through the local church. If you have given to this fund, THANK YOU! If you would like to give, please do so here. Our aim, as funds allow, is to provide consistent support for these churches, so they can continue to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in their communities. We expect this need to last for many months to come. Two days ago we heard from one church leader, who said,

“Due to war, 60% of the population has been unemployed for 48 days. This is gradually creating a humanitarian catastrophe. So we ask for your continued support and not to diminish your help”.

What’s next?

As well as continuing direct financial support to church leaders, Innovista will now launch the next part of its response – equipping local churches to care for people who are traumatised. Having listened to what leaders are seeing and saying, we will partner with a specialist charity to build the capacity of local churches to provide trauma care. More details will follow, which we will share here in due course.

We have received more news and stories of what your support is enabling than we have resource to share, but here is how one local leader signed off his report this week,

“Everyday God expands the boundaries of service to refugees and locals in need. Thank you for your real help in saving people.”