Who are you and why do you help us?

This was the question of one exhausted and hungry Ukrainian refugee as, after days of travel, he and his family finally crossed the border into Moldova.

Nicholas fled Ukraine with his daughter, granddaughter and great grandson. He left his family home in Odessa, on the Ukrainian coast, where he had lived and worked for forty years as a seafarer to make the journey to safe ground. Upon arriving in Moldova, they were welcomed by Innovista Moldova staff, including Jana, seen pictured with Nicholas below. He said,

“I was surprised by the good and kind way Moldovan people welcomed us and helped my family. Even from the border they gave us food and transported us to the family where we live till now. I am so thankful to God and I can see His care over us through what you are doing. I feel here like home”.

Innovista is part of a coordinated response by churches and ministry organisations in Moldova who have been working together since the beginning of the war to care for thousands of Ukrainian refugees like Nicholas and his family.

Set back

Maricela, Innovista’s Country Director plays a strategic role in this effort, working closely with partner organisations to coordinate the response. Last month, she and her family were involved in a serious car accident. Despite the car rolling over three times and hitting a tree, Maricela and her children miraculously walked away with nothing more than light bruising. The car was written off though and her critical work around Moldova is severely hampered as a result.
To enable Maricela to continue this vital work, a new car is required. We need to raise £10,000 to purchase a car suitable for Maricela’s needs – if you would like to contribute towards this to enable Maricela’s essential work to continue, please do so here.

Hundreds of Ukrainian people continue to cross the border into Moldova each day, and through the networks of church leaders Innovista has established over the last three years, and the generosity of your support, Maricela and the teams are well-placed to welcome and care for refugees as they arrive.

Thank you for standing alongside the people of Moldova and Ukraine at this time.