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Telephone: 01865 788350
Address: Innovista, Suite 143, 266 Banbury Road, OXFORD OX2 7DL

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is the definition of Innovista?

    Innovista means to exact a positive change.

    Is Innovista a missionary organisation?

    Innovista is a charity that identifies, supports and develops Christian leaders in challenging contexts. We do not send people to serve in other countries, but we support local leaders who are called to mission in their communities.

    Who runs Innovista?

    Innovista has team members in the UK, Ireland, Ukraine, Moldova and two Central Asia republics. It has National Directors, trainers and leaders in the respective countries, and is also connected with a wider global network of Christian trainers. Innovista International, which is based in the UK, provides support for the global team and has a Board of Trustees. Innovista Ireland, Moldova and Ukraine are registered charities in their own countries with their own Board of Trustees. You can read more about the team here or the Annual Reports here.

    How is Innovista’s training different from secular leadership training?

    Innovista is a charity that focuses on identifying, supporting and developing Christian leaders, so everything it does centres around a theology of mission. If you want to read more about that, you can see our recommended reading lists on both leadership and mission. Our training is specifically designed for Christians and it draws from biblical insight and secular leadership resources.

    How is Innovista’s training different from Christian leadership training?

    Innovista’s leadership training has been shaped by over two decades of mission work in challenging contexts. It draws upon the experience of local Christian leaders working in under-resourced and hard-to-reach areas. We offer different types of training for both established and emerging leaders, including workshops, courses and mentoring/coaching.

    Can I do Innovista’s training? Is Innovista’s training for me?

    Innovista offers a range of different training opportunities for both established and emerging leaders, including workshops, courses and mentoring/coaching. There are different options in different locations, as well as online training. Explore more on our For Leaders page.

    How does Innovista define a leader?

    Innovista trains both established and emerging leaders. So a leader can be a young person with a vision to reach others with the gospel message or someone already in a senior position.

    Is Innovista connected with a denomination?

    Innovista is a non-denominational evangelical charity. Our Statement of Faith can be read here.

    What is the history of Innovista?

    Innovista is an independent charity that supports Christian leaders where they’re needed most. We began life in 2000. Read more about our history.